Sygate Personal Firewall

Sygate Personal Firewall 5.6

Sygate Personal Firewall for computers connected to networks or Internet
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Sygate Personal Firewall for stand alone computers or connected to networks or Internet.
It monitors all the PC traffic, no matter if it's coming in or going out (applications connecting to network or network applications sending data to the PC). Every time a data packet is transfered the Firewall detects it and alert the user to block or allow that traffic, for intruders detections. The user can allow specific applications to "trade" with networks and they will never be blocked, neither alerts will be sent to the user.

It also detects trojan horses, worms, spyware, etc. and blocks them before they get installed in the user system.

Logs are created by demand anytime and the graphic user interface can help to understand the communication traffic, to block suspicious traffic immediately. Logs can be filtered, sorted and exported as ".log" or ".txt" files for further analysis.

If the system is unattended, the alerts or logs are sent to the user's email if the operation is defined that way.

There's an option: "Security test" for testing the firewall performance through an Internet connection to the mother web page (Symantec).

Manually, anytime, the user can launch scans for trojans, whole computer checking, etc.

Ignacio Solves
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  • It catches every movement in and out to the network or Internet. Complete logs for applications, traffic, etc


  • It's a little boring, asking every time an application tries to connect to Internet or any "ping" program sends a packet to the net
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